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Selection of Cast Iron Antique Basin Brackets

Selection of Cast Iron Antique Basin Brackets

Ref: 24969
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Selection of antique cast iron bathroom basin brackets and legs. 
A Maximum 57.5cm wide x 72cm high x 39cm deep.  Cradle 52.5cm wide x 39cm deep (to outer corners)  35cm between legs at front £325
B 7cm widest x 65cm high x 41.5cm deep.  One has cut out section 17.8cm wide x 3cm high £145 the pair
C Maximum 62.5cm wide x 68.8cm high x 24.5cm deep.  Cradle section 53cm widest, 39.5cm at back, 27cm at front. £245
D and E Maximum 4.5cm wide x 75cm high £145 per pair
F Maximum 55cm wide x 78cm high x 4cm thick.  48cm wide between legs £175
G 61.5cm wide x 30.5cm high x 42.5cm deep.  Internally 53cm wide x 36cm deep £245
H 66.4cm wide x 24cm high x 46.5cm deep.  Internally 60.5cm wide x 45cm deep. Has a break one side £200
I 8.5cm widest x 58cm high x 40cm deep £175 the pair
J 55.5cm wide x 43cm high x 43cm deep.  Internally 52.5cm wide x 41cm deep £325
All display signs of wear, surface rust etc commensurate with age and use.

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approx $194 / €163
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Selection of Cast Iron Antique Basin Brackets

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