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01568 616205
01568 616205
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Architectural Features
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25079 Bostwick Concertina Window Security Grille
QTY: 1 Pair £400 The Pair
25074 Vintage Concertina Security Double Door
QTY: 1 Pair £600 The Pair
25039 Reclaimed Cast Iron Vent / Grille
QTY: 1 £110
24807 Reclaimed Ornate Pieces of Grilles/Grating
QTY: 5 £65 Each
24784 Salvaged Cast Iron Ornate Grating/Grille
QTY: SOLD £295
23406 Reclaimed Leaf Patterned Metal Grates
QTY: 13 £125 Each
23093 Reclaimed Ornate Cast Iron Grilles/Grating
QTY: 1 £80 Each
22017 Plantation House Metal Decorative Panels
QTY: 6 £400 Each
22016 Vintage Brass Latticework Vents/Grilles
QTY: SOLD £45 From
22007 Regency Balconette / Balcony Sections
QTY: 2 Remaining £200 Each
21632 Reclaimed Ornate Terracotta Air Bricks
QTY: 2 Remaining £45 Each
21313 Old Decorative Iron Panels / Grilles
QTY: 6 £18 Each
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Grilles and Gratings

The technique of metal casting came to its peak in the 19th Century. Most of the Victorian ironworks were located in Scotland and the Midlands and they had huge catalogues of cast iron patterns, from grilles to columns. We mostly reclaim decorative iron grilles or gratings from old greenhouses, churches and schools.  The function of such floor grilles was either to cover heating or water pipes (to convect heat and allow service access) or to allow ventilation. We come across an amazing variety of patterns, from quite basic square or diamond patterns to elaborate floral swirls. 

Other sources of old grilles include elaborate cast iron railings, often from chapels and churches, radiator covers/grilles and other patterns of vents or air bricks. 

Our clients find so many different uses for these old grilles, from table tops to incorporating them in bars or other shopfittings.  They are often stripped back to bare metal and then lacquered to show off the lovely metallic sheen of cast iron. 

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