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32959 Selection of massive pitch pine planks
QTY: 16 Planks £210 From
32958 Reclaimed thick orange pine planks
QTY: 24 Planks £125 Each
32343 Ornate antique Shekhawati teak beam
QTY: 1 £3,500
32338 Shabby painted porch supports
QTY: SOLD £245 The Pair
32176 Chamfered early oak beams
QTY: 4 £200 Each
31366 Large antique elm pillar from a cider press
QTY: SOLD £645
30871 Job lot of reclaimed pine floorboards
QTY: 15 m² £54 Per Sq Metre
30869 Reclaimed floorboards - 4m2
QTY: 1 Job Lot £215 Job Lot
30865 Reclaimed thick oak boards - 1.75 sqm
QTY: 1 Job Lot £350 Job Lot
29243 Reclaimed chunky pine tongue and groove
QTY: 40 m² £35 Per Sq Metre
29215 Quantity of 3m long reclaimed pine beams
QTY: 130 £14 Each
29205 Lengths of reclaimed Burmese mahogany
QTY: 120 £5 Each
27684 Mahogany wood in varying lengths and widths
QTY: Assorted £85 From
27679 Reclaimed oak boards in varying lengths
QTY: To Order £150 Per Sq Metre
27677 Set of three huge antique Indian pillars
QTY: 1 Set £1,350 The Set
27571 Oak veneer
QTY: 100 m² £60 Per Sq Metre
26088 Vintage Pine Gymnasium Bars / Beams
QTY: 1 Remaining £65 Each
26073 Characterful Waney Edge Oak Boards
QTY: 6 Remaining £60 From
25828 Anatolian Thick Oak Character Boards
QTY: 50 m² £140 Per Sq Metre
25824 Chunky Antique Oak Planks For Table Tops
QTY: 49 m² £140 From
25557 Reclaimed Old Oak and Elm Posts
QTY: Limited Stock £6 Per Run Metre
25064 Old Wood Poles Used To Shape Organ Pipes
QTY: 9 Remaining £75 Each
23536 Reclaimed Chunky Pine Timber Beams
QTY: 8 Metres £45 Per Run Metre
22741 Reclaimed Old Cart Shed Oak Rafters
QTY: Job Lot £600 Job Lot
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Beams and Timber

We generally have a good stock of timber, reclaimed from barns and buildings from across the UK and further afield.  Ideal for construction and the renovation of old buildings, down to creating a fireplace, mantel beam or rustic shelving.  Timber framed buildings were first developed by the Romans and reached their peak in Medieval times then tailing off in Victorian times due to higher demand for timber.  Many of these buildings are still standing centuries on and subsequently require repair, plus old agricultural barns in need of renovation are often converted into housing.

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