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27362 Reclaimed arch top cast iron window
QTY: 2 £500 Each
27360 Salvaged large industrial window
QTY: 15 £500 Each
27339 Reclaimed industrial mill window with opener
QTY: 1 £425
25777 Cast Iron Shot Blasted Lattice Windows
QTY: 2 £125 Each
25216 Salvaged Hexagonal Glass Bulls Eye Panes
QTY: In Stock £35 Each
25132 Vintage Pivot Opening Arched Metal Windows
QTY: 5 £92 Each
25079 Bostwick Concertina Window Security Grille
QTY: 1 Pair £400 The Pair
24997 Vintage Cast Iron Arched Top Window
QTY: SOLD £400
24874 Hayward Brothers Cast Pavement Lights
QTY: 2 £350 Each
24842 Antique Cast Iron Arched Mill Window
QTY: SOLD £600
24699 Reclaimed Cast 12 Pane Rosette Windows
QTY: 28 £450 Each
24666 Salvaged Cast Iron Rectangular Windows
QTY: 4 £250 Each
22777 Cast Iron Circular Windows / Garden Features
QTY: 2 £450 Each
22070 Reclaimed Twelve Pane Metal Window
QTY: 1 £325
22065 Reclaimed Metal Opening Skylight / Rooflight
QTY: 1 £200
22042 Multi Panel Clear Glass Copper Windows Lrg
QTY: 4 Remaining £200 Each
21857 Reclaimed Stained and Leaded Glass Windows
QTY: 5 £95 Each
21856 Stained and Leaded Glass Window Sets
QTY: 3 Sets £285 Per Set
21854 Metal Porthole Glazed Window Frames & Seals
QTY: 4 Remaining £95 Each
21691 Reclaimed Arched Mill Windows
QTY: SOLD £200 Each
21403 Reclaimed Oak Wood Framed Lattice Window
QTY: 1 £275
21315 Decorative Stained Glass Panel Windows
QTY: 2 £900 Each
21311 Metal Framed Stained Glass Panel Windows
QTY: 8 Remaining £500 From
20981 Old Salvaged Cast Iron Opening Roof Lights
QTY: 3 Remaining £250 Each
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Metal Windows

We have a wide range of reclaimed metal framed windows, available in various styles.  From the earlier cast iron style windows, popular with the Arts and Crafts movement due to their small glass pane sizes.  To larger steel framed windows, made after the middle of the 19th Century, common in factories, offices and alike.  During this time, in Britain, window manufacturer Crittall were well known for their metal windows designed in both traditional and modern styles.  Metal windows became increasingly popular during the 20th Century as they allowed for larger spans of glass and more light to enter the building.   

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