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27428 Large round metal tubs with handles
QTY: 3 £85 Each
27387 Reclaimed large double ceramic sluicing sink
QTY: 1 £200
27384 Large Royal Doulton reclaimed Belfast sink
QTY: 1 £120
27368 Reclaimed ornate lead planter
QTY: 1 £195
27350 Large circular galvanised riveted tanks
QTY: SOLD £300 Each
27344 Vintage set of three five sided planters
QTY: 1 Set £425 The Set
27342 Reclaimed painted metal beer barrel / keg
27337 Reclaimed composition urn on shield plinth
QTY: 1 Set £325 The Set
27325 Salvaged composite stone planters
QTY: 1 Pair £625
27307 Pair French composition stone urns / planters
QTY: 1 Pair £185 The Pair
27299 Well made large riveted copper planters
QTY: SOLD £845 Each
27295 Repurposed planter / toilet and cistern
QTY: 1 Job Lot £100 Job Lot
27293 Statue of boy with birdbath on plinth
QTY: 1 £295
27288 Reclaimed composite stone urn / planter
QTY: 1 £100
27287 Pair of composite stone urns /planters
QTY: 1 Pair £100 The Pair
27282 Old marble baptismal fonts from Gloucester
QTY: 1 £700
27278 Salvaged composition stone plinth / planter
QTY: 1 £125
27265 Salvaged terracotta garden forcer pots
QTY: 5 £145 Each
27263 Reclaimed terracotta tree stump planter
QTY: 1 £145
27261 Painted green cast iron fluted urns planters
QTY: 2 Pairs £110 Per Pair
27260 19th Century square lead planter
QTY: 1 £275
27259 Italian terracotta planter sunflower motif
QTY: 1 £95
27257 Terracotta fish scale garden planter
QTY: SOLD £125
27253 Weathered terracotta garden planters
QTY: SOLD £150 The Pair
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British gardeners have a wonderful tradition of finding new and interesting containers for plants. We probably sell more planters than any other garden item.  These vary from the humble vintage flower pot, to massive cast iron cauldrons, re-purposed from previous industrial use. Other types of planters that we have for sale include elegant antique French cast iron planters; weathered old composition stone planters; ancient stone pots; old rivetted galvanised tanks in all shapes and sizes; lead planters and rare Georgian lead cisterns; the strangely named 'copper coppers'- rivetted old copper water boilers; weird and wonderful chimney pots in hundreds of different designs; old hayracks, which customers often use with liners to grow plants on walls; hanging baskets; old Victorian wirework; and the list goes on and on. Each year we find more unique planters, ancient, old, vintage, agricultural, industrial, classical and just plain wacky.

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