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28076 Reclaimed stained glass arched panel
QTY: 1 £650
27715 Painted stained glass panels with river scene
QTY: SOLD £4,250 The Set
27670 Pair of handpainted leaded glass panels
QTY: 1 Pair £1,100 The Pair
27431 Stained glass panel / hanger with rose detail
QTY: 1 £300
27429 Three lions stained glass window panel
QTY: 1 £400
27427 Reclaimed crown shaped stained glass panel
QTY: 1 £300
26739 Victorian Stained Glass Red Lion Window Panel
QTY: 2 £800 Each
26736 Salvaged Modern Painted Stained Glass Panel
QTY: 1 £250
26735 Painted Stained Glass Portrait by Bellini
QTY: 1 £250
26733 Modern Bellini Male Portrait Stained Glass
QTY: 1 £250
26730 Antique Framed Male Portrait Stained Glass
QTY: 1 £1,250
26727 Vintage M Hawkes Lion Pro Rege Stained Glass
QTY: 1 £350
26160 Reclaimed Mythical Red Lion Stained Glass
QTY: SOLD £750
25468 Reclaimed Armorial Stained Glass Panel
QTY: 1 £2,500
25466 Salvaged Trefoil Stained Glass Panels
QTY: 2 Remaining £195 Each
25465 Victorian Bear & Shield Stained Glass Panel
QTY: 1 £2,750
25044 Mike Hawkes Jill Falling Down Stained Glass
QTY: 1 £450
24934 Antique Swan Crown Coat of Arms Stained Glass
QTY: SOLD £1,800
24905 Stained Glass Tudor Dressed Lady & Gentlemen
QTY: 2 £400 Each
24895 Painted Stained Glass Pink Framed River Scene
QTY: 1 £350
24860 Lady Portrait Acanthus Leaf Stained Glass
QTY: 1 £1,250
21918 Large Francis Drake Stained Glass Window
QTY: 1 £7,950
21520 Large Painted Glass Panel Wood Framed Window
QTY: 1 £1,750
17932 Antique Pictorial Castle Stained Glass Panel
QTY: 1 £400
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Stained glass was the most popular form of art work throughout the Medieval Ages.  The process of stained glass making hasn’t changed much from the 12th Century.  Painted stained glass captures expression and feeling well.  The paint used is a type of enamel which is applied in many layers, the last adding fine detail to the piece.  Then a silver stain, made from a combination of silver nitrate or silver sulphide blended with clay, is applied to the exterior surface to create a yellow colour and help the light shine through the stained glass, bringing it to life.    

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