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33276 Weathered composition stone classical plaque
QTY: 1 £325
33257 Weathered composition stone classical roundel
QTY: 1 £325
33241 Composition stone classical roundel
QTY: 1 £325
33131 Impressive composite stone classical roundel
QTY: SOLD £995
33074 Reclaimed Jaisalmer stone top
QTY: 1 £650
33021 Antique terracotta windows from Church tower
QTY: 8 £1,350 Each
32996 Early carved stone window / planter surround
QTY: 1 £925
32890 Georgian flambeau finials on round plinths
QTY: 1 Pair £2,150 The Pair
32686 Weathered old sandstone gully
QTY: 1 £95
32685 Substantial hand-carved basanite plinths
QTY: 5 £175 From
32618 Unusual spider web vent blocks
QTY: SOLD £30 Each
32598 Decorative natural stone balls
QTY: In Stock £20 From
32587 Weathered pair of reclaimed stone corbels
QTY: 1 Pair £395 The Pair
32577 Salvaged stone flame finials
QTY: 1 Pair £1,275 The Pair
32565 Natural stone selection of Easter Island Moai
QTY: In Stock £48 From
32564 Hand-carved stone Buddha busts
QTY: In Stock £245 From
32556 Weathered reconstituted stone pier caps
QTY: 1 Pair £310 The Pair
32554 Impressive cast stone Koi fish water feature
QTY: Out of Stock £185
32553 Hand-carved heart shaped stones
QTY: In Stock £4.95 From
32387 Impressive carved rock sculpture
QTY: SOLD £1,050
32318 Reclaimed sandstone ball pier cap finials
QTY: SOLD £1,275 The Pair
32211 Unusual tree carved from volcanic rock
QTY: SOLD £395
32177 Weathered Victorian terracotta keystones
QTY: 4 Remaining £90 Each
32175 French style sandstone well head / planter
QTY: SOLD £1,450
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Decorative Stone

Up to the early 20th Century, masonry was a common profession, even relatively humble properties would include some element of stone carving.  Churches in particular had loving care lavished on them, with the majority of the stone in the older churches being carved to some degree. Often the best examples of stone carving can be found in religious establishments. The Great Wars and the advent of highly mechanised processes for producing building materials has resulted in the virtual disappearance of the craft of masonry.  

English Salvage always stock a good selection of reclaimed carved stone pieces which will include: early carved stone heads from churches and chapels; antique decorative stone capitals, finials and corbels; carved friezes dating from 16th to 19th Centuries; carved sandstone Girls and Boys Entrance plaques from Victorian schools; armorial plaques; carved stone religious elements. 

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