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27801 C10th-12th red sandstone temple carving
QTY: 1 £275
27463 Carved stone head of Pan / satyr / horned man
QTY: 1 £870
27324 Old stone salting slab
QTY: SOLD £300
27022 Antique Carved Stone Female Head
QTY: 1 £300
24818 Antique Limestone Hand Carved Caryatids
QTY: 1 Pair £2,250 The Pair
24580 Works Entrance Terracotta Factory Wall Plaque
QTY: Job Lot £1,750 Job Lot
24578 Antique Girls Hall Terracotta Building Plaque
QTY: Job Lot £4,750 Job Lot
24411 Reclaimed Decorative Stone Male Head Plaques
QTY: 1 Pair £1,450 The Pair
24258 White Marble Carved Heads Plaque
QTY: 4 £125 Each
24247 Marble Plaque Roman Warriors & Family Scene
QTY: 1 £525
24236 Marble Plaque Putto / Amorino & Cybele Scene
QTY: 1 £495
24235 Decoratively Carved Marble & Stone Plaques
QTY: 7 £90 Each
24230 Rectangular Marble Shield & Foliate Plaque
QTY: 1 £225
24227 Salvaged Marble Plaques with Carved Motifs
QTY: 13 £45 From
24226 Reclaimed Marble Carved Wreath Plaques
QTY: 8 £85 Each
24190 Reclaimed Carved Marble Trumpet Harp Plaque
QTY: 1 £145
22206 Reclaimed Decorative Carved Stone Tablets
QTY: 1 Remaining £55 From
22118 Reclaimed Stone Balustrade Panels & Posts
QTY: 30 £50 From
21630 Reclaimed Sandstone Triangular Finials
QTY: 1 Pair £400 The Pair
21621 Salvaged Glazed Terracotta Conch Surmount
QTY: 2 £750 Each
21001 Decorative Carved Sandstone Brackets/Corbels
QTY: 11 £200 Each
19889 Salvaged Carved Stone Decorative Corbel
QTY: 1 £375
19872 Salvaged Decorative Grand Carved Stone Frieze
QTY: 1 £2,200
19162 Antique Ex Holkham Estate Urn Stone Finials
QTY: 1 Pair £975 The Pair
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Decorative Stone

Up to the early 20th Century, masonry was a common profession, even relatively humble properties would include some element of stone carving.  Churches in particular had loving care lavished on them, with the majority of the stone in the older churches being carved to some degree. Often the best examples of stone carving can be found in religious establishments. The Great Wars and the advent of highly mechanised processes for producing building materials has resulted in the virtual disappearance of the craft of masonry.  

English Salvage always stock a good selection of reclaimed carved stone pieces which will include: early carved stone heads from churches and chapels; antique decorative stone capitals, finials and corbels; carved friezes dating from 16th to 19th Centuries; carved sandstone Girls and Boys Entrance plaques from Victorian schools; armorial plaques; carved stone religious elements. 

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