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30620 Reclaimed brass acorn finial stair rods
QTY: SOLD £175 Job Lot
30592 Vintage turned wooden newel posts
QTY: 1 Remaining £125 Each
30586 Salvaged wooden newel posts
QTY: SOLD £125 Each
30580 Reclaimed turned wood octagonal newel posts
QTY: 2 £125 Each
30136 Antique C19th oak hand rail / balustrade
QTY: 1 Set £675 The Set
29634 Set of reclaimed brass stair rods
QTY: 1 Set £480 The Set
29422 Reclaimed solid wood finials / post tops
QTY: 1 Remaining £20 From
29365 Reclaimed teak balusters
QTY: To Order £55 Each
29306 Job lot of reclaimed oak stair treads
QTY: Job Lot £845 Job Lot
28981 Reclaimed hardwood pillar / newel post
QTY: 1 £65
28975 Pair of hardwood panels with spindle detail
QTY: SOLD £275 The Pair
28791 Ornate cast iron and hardwood balustrade
QTY: SOLD £925 Each
28580 Wrought iron and teak ballustrade / railings
QTY: SOLD £845 The Set
28519 Antique iron scrollwork staircase panels
QTY: SOLD £690 Job Lot
28188 Reclaimed thistle stair rods / curtain poles
QTY: SOLD £150 The Set
28064 Handmade sandstone steps
QTY: 24 £120 Each
28008 14 unusual salvaged decorative balusters
QTY: 14 £770 Job Lot
27994 Reclaimed painted set of steps
QTY: SOLD £395
27585 48 reclaimed pine stair spindles
QTY: SOLD £500 Job Lot
27581 Set of 23 salvaged stair spindles
QTY: 1 Job Lot £495 Job Lot
27412 Ornately carved old oak stair newel posts
QTY: 1 Remaining £245 Each
27411 Salvaged oak stair balustrade and handrail
QTY: 1 Job Lot £700 Job Lot
27409 Reclaimed edging from an old oak staircase
QTY: 4 £85 Each
27394 Reclaimed oak staircase banister section
QTY: 1 £1,500 Job Lot
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Staircases and Stair Parts

Staircases can make an early statement about a house, as they are often in focal view as soon as you enter the front door. Modern staircases tend to be bland and uninspiring. English Salvage offer a huge range of staircase options, from complete antique staircases to individual spindles. 

We sometimes sell a grand staircase to a customer at the early stage of their build, whether a new house, a barn conversion or extension. In this way they can build around the staircase, rather than try and shoehorn something in at the last stage. We also offer lots of options for re-vamping staircases, including complete sets of stair spindles. In the 18th and early 19th century, staircases were usually quite simple and refined, apart from really grand houses. The 19th century saw the advent of large scale iron foundries and ornate cast iron spindles and newel posts became quite common in larger town houses and commercial properties. 

We also commonly sell ornate wooden spindles and balustrading to interior designers who incorporate them into bar and shop fittings.

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