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Gate Posts

English Salvage stock a variety of reclaimed gate piers, posts or pillars.  The two most common types we get are stone or cast iron gate posts.  The stone posts we get are usually one piece stone pillars, usually with a shaped top.  These antique stone posts come from areas where stone is abundant and of a good quality, such as parts of Shropshire and Yorkshire.  They are usually over 100 years old and sometimes a lot older.  The other type of posts we commonly get are single piece cast iron pillars, either Victorian or from the first part of the 20th Century.  Usually these antique cast iron gate pillars are round in section, but larger ones may be square profile.  They usually come complete with finials.  Another type we occasionally have is an open latticework type of post, either in cast iron, or earlier examples may be in wrought iron.

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