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01568 616205
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Garden Items
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24691 Reclaimed Wrought Iron Rose/Garden Arches
QTY: 2 £300 Each
22095 Salvaged Garden Arched Obelisk Plant Support
QTY: 1 £245 Each
22028 Metal Garden White Obelisks Small Large
QTY: 1 £50 From
21731 Pale Green Lattice Effect Garden Arch
QTY: In Stock £165 Each
21654 Ornate Green Wirework Garden Arch
QTY: To Order £225
19430 Metal Dome Garden Obelisk Plant Supports
QTY: To Order £28 Each
19167 Metal Plant Stands for Climbers (3 Hoop High)
QTY: Limited Stock £25 From
17526 Green Painted Ironwork Garden Arch
QTY: 3 £200
13756 Porch Supports
QTY: 1 Pair £380 The Pair
13735 Wrought Iron Door Canopy
QTY: 1 £385
11222 Obelisk made from Reclaimed Railings
QTY: 1 £975
11220 Garden Arches
QTY: 6 £70 From
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Gazebos and Arches

The origin of the word gazebo is unknown, possibly a combination of 'gaze', with a latin derived ending. Pavilions, belvederes, follies, pergolas and rotundas all fit within the general umbrella term of gazebo, which is essentially a structure, usually round or octagonal with open views of the surroundings. Gazebos were popular in the 19th Century and were constructed in many styles and in varied materials, from Chinese influenced latticework and copper roofs, to rustic intertwined wood branch construction. Many of the more important Victorian iron foundries produced a range of ornate cast iron 'bandstand' style gazebos, which can still be seen in many public parks. Original complete gazebos are rare to find, but we usually have a range of quality reproduction gazebos in timber and metal. Some clients prefer to build their own take on a garden room, using reclaimed components sourced from us. 

Garden arches also have a long history, possibly dating back to Roman times when arches were planted with vines. The Edwardians were very fond of rose arches, usually quite simple affairs in wrought iron, often interconnected to make a long colonnade.  We sell a wide range of newly made wrought iron and wirework garden arches, with an occasional original antique piece. 

Also included in this category are other garden structures, such as obelisks, plant supports and colonnades.

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