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29275 Vintage galvanised tubs
QTY: 3 £130 Each
29274 Vintage station porters luggage trolley
QTY: 2 £175 Each
29202 Mirrors made from reclaimed cast iron windows
QTY: 1 Remaining £255 Each
29200 Large metal industrial style table
QTY: 2 £1,000 Each
29053 Multifunctional industrial wheeled table
QTY: SOLD £325 Each
28874 Salvaged metal shutter from Moroccan souk
QTY: 1 £225
28872 Reclaimed metal roller shutter/wall cladding
QTY: 1 £150
28868 Repurposed vintage car headlamp lights
QTY: 1 Pair £325 The Pair
28860 Vintage all-wave signal generator
QTY: SOLD £145
28850 Metal roller shutter ideal wall cladding
QTY: 1 £425
28847 Salvaged Esso elephant kerosene sign
QTY: 1 £480
28843 Old metal roller shutter from Moroccan souk
QTY: 1 £425
28836 Useful pine shelves with metal fixings
QTY: 14 £35 From
28742 Industrial coffee table on wheels
QTY: 1 Remaining £325 Each
28735 Simple hardwood coffee table
QTY: 1 £295
28669 Industrial style shelf on wheels
QTY: 2 £416 Each
28412 Job lot of 10 vintage railwayana items
QTY: SOLD £165
28408 Old vintage industrial / steampunk valves
QTY: 6 £115 Each
28404 Job lot of vintage industrial jugs/canisters
QTY: 1 £85 Job Lot
28354 Salvaged Bamfords cast iron rake plate
QTY: 1 £85
28351 Old agricultural cast iron engine plaques
QTY: 6 £45 Each
28350 Reclaimed original Pierce tractor tool box
QTY: 1 £65
28341 Large reclaimed industrial machinery fan
28207 Vintage French post office shelving / desk
QTY: SOLD £995 Each
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Industrial items are usually items cleared from mid 1900s factories, as the golden age of manufacture drew to a close in Britain and old factories were pulled down or converted to housing. We also find items in Eastern Europe, often from Soviet era factories. Most of these industrial items were very solidly built from metal and quite often galvanised so they have outlived the premises from which they came. Typical items in this category are old rivetted water tanks, cast iron machine bases, factory chairs, old enamel lights and pigeon holes or other storage solutions.  Many of these items make excellent, trendy shop fittings.

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