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31212 Substantial industrial cast iron mill table
QTY: 1 £1,350
31174 Vintage industrial cast tipping crucibles
QTY: 3 £600 Each
31121 Circular red bench from Marylebone Station
QTY: 1 £1,800
31114 Salvaged metal pillars
QTY: 2 £325 Each
31077 Salvaged French Mid Century postal desk
QTY: 1 £1,175
31074 Salvaged cast iron letterbox slot
QTY: 1 £185
31063 Salvaged aerospace industrial storage box
QTY: 1 £275
31036 Quantity of reclaimed Verdigris copper pots
QTY: 8 £240 Each
31022 Original 'Gents of Leicester' station clock
QTY: 1 £1,350
31018 Salvaged bandsaw table with oak top
QTY: 1 £745
30977 Reclaimed Mid-century changing room benches
QTY: 3 £595 Each
30897 Old cast iron stop cock sign
QTY: SOLD £165
30896 Reclaimed tyre pressure gauge
QTY: 1 £135
30880 Salvaged sturdy work bench with iron vice
QTY: SOLD £300
30873 Reclaimed munitions factory vice
QTY: 1 £550
30854 Square industrial plank & metal quadpod table
QTY: 1 £95
30805 Galvanised tin boxes / storage containers
QTY: SOLD £40 Each
30654 Original wooden bottle / produce crates
QTY: In Stock £20 Each
30572 Reclaimed iron latticework waste paper bins
QTY: SOLD £45 Each
30491 Industrial galvanised red fire buckets
QTY: 1 £40 Each
30381 Very robust galvanised bins with embossing
QTY: 4 £95 Each
30314 Industrial galvanised glass front metal boxes
QTY: 3 £48 Each
30307 Six large vintage cast iron brackets
QTY: 1 Set £300 The Set
30287 Original printed storage crates
QTY: 5 £45 Each
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Industrial items are usually items cleared from mid 1900s factories, as the golden age of manufacture drew to a close in Britain and old factories were pulled down or converted to housing. We also find items in Eastern Europe, often from Soviet era factories. Most of these industrial items were very solidly built from metal and quite often galvanised so they have outlived the premises from which they came. Typical items in this category are old rivetted water tanks, cast iron machine bases, factory chairs, old enamel lights and pigeon holes or other storage solutions.  Many of these items make excellent, trendy shop fittings.

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