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30261 Vintage galvanised pan with spout
QTY: 1 £145
30256 Reclaimed cast iron boot scrapers stone bases
QTY: SOLD £245 The Pair
30251 Vintage pig feeder / trough / planter
QTY: 1 £375
30249 Weathered squirrel foot-scraper on stone base
QTY: 1 £160
30220 Large vintage copper bowls / planters
QTY: 4 £450 From
30148 Reclaimed cast iron caldron
QTY: SOLD £395
30095 Original William Moore CFB mangle
QTY: 1 £210
30093 Reclaimed vintage dolly tub
QTY: 1 £145
30049 Salvaged Hanworth & Didcot Grundy churn
QTY: SOLD £105
29987 Old Caterpillar and Drott tractor plaques
QTY: 1 Remaining £25 From
29986 Vintage wooden fork rake spade garden tools
QTY: SOLD £45 Each
29978 Austin Morris Wolseley tractor plaques
QTY: 2 Remaining £15 From
29975 Fordson Major tractor seat and tool box
QTY: 1 Set £210 The Set
29970 Old verdigris copper pot with handle
QTY: SOLD £295
29967 Huge rustic galvanised tub with handles
QTY: SOLD £225
29966 Vintage Bentall Albion Meltham tractor plaque
QTY: 4 £25 Each
29962 Vintage US Kenworth & Peterbilt truck plaques
QTY: 5 £25 From
29957 Vintage New Ideal Albion tractor tool boxes
QTY: 6 £80 Each
29927 Original painted cast iron tractor seats
QTY: 9 £135 Each
29926 Vintage cast iron tractor seats
QTY: 6 £135 Each
29905 Reclaimed cider mill drip stone
QTY: 1 £625
29904 Reclaimed stone grinding / mill wheel
QTY: SOLD £295
29902 Original galvanised ribbed dolly tub
QTY: SOLD £145
29896 Reclaimed galvanised storage tins / planters
QTY: SOLD £25 Each
page  1  of  5
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Rural and Vintage Artefacts

We are based in lovely rural Herefordshire.  Naturally we get involved with a lot of barn clearouts and each year we find more novel ideas of re-using the old machines and implements of yesteryear.  We buy vintage farm machinery and dismantle it to yield quirky table bases, plant stands or other house and garden features. Old milk churns are always popular for shops and homes, either as containers or painted and used as eye-catching advertising. Farm carts and wagonwheels also have a market as decorative objects and as roadside advertising. Other old farm objects that are popular with designers and shopfitters include tractor seats, old wooden or wirework crates, vintage tools, reclaimed galvanised troughs, old gears and pulleys and countless other characterful farmyard tools and implements.  We also buy and sell shepherds huts and gypsy wagons, when we can find them.

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