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30487 Magnificent cast iron ceiling rose
QTY: 1 £1,250
30486 Mediaeval 13/14thC encaustic tiles
QTY: See Description £200 From
30483 Antique carved stone shrines / niches
QTY: SOLD £115 Each
30376 Impressive salvaged weathervane
QTY: 1 £2,115
30298 Salvaged decorative wrought iron grilles
QTY: 3 £925 Each
30296 Antique ceiling roses in pierced cast iron
QTY: 4 £175 Each
30242 Oak ball and foliate corner cut moulding
QTY: SOLD £300 Job Lot
30240 18thC marble mortar on early stone plinth
QTY: 1 £595
30239 Old rusty iron furnace pots
QTY: 4 £120 Each
30188 Reclaimed single fluted pine column / pillar
QTY: 1 £300
30187 Half round pair of fluted columns
QTY: 1 Pair £460 The Pair
30170 19th Century oak carved flower railings
QTY: 1 Job Lot £600 Job Lot
30160 Forged iron X cross split end wall ties
QTY: 2 £68 Each
30134 Wood and cast iron colonial posts / columns
QTY: SOLD £1,100 The Set
30066 18th C weather vane on Cotswold stone base
QTY: 1 £825
30065 Pair of composite acorn finials/ pier caps
QTY: SOLD £400 The Pair
30063 Reclaimed terracotta dragon
QTY: 1 £575
29983 Reclaimed cast iron finial posts
QTY: 1 Pair £650 The Pair
29971 Substantial stone pier caps / plinths
QTY: 1 Pair £1,500 The Pair
29945 Old decorative cast iron corbels / capitals
QTY: 1 Pair £265 The Pair
29939 Victorian stoneware circular lion plaque
QTY: 1 £545
29884 Reclaimed tall obelisk with ball finial
QTY: 1 £1,275
29870 Antique marbleised pine balustrade
QTY: 1 Job Lot £985 Job Lot
29849 Huge reclaimed oak arched doors
QTY: SOLD £2,100 The Pair
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Architectural Elements

Over a hundred years ago, most buildings were designed individually and made by hand, from the individual bricks to the roof tiles. Craftsmen and architects of the time were artists and knew how to create buildings of elegant proportions, with traditions of architecture dating back to the classic civilisations of Rome and Greece.  Buildings followed certain classical rules of proportionality, as laid down by famous Roman architects such as Vitruvius, and were designed and decorated to show the skills of the builder and aspirations of the owners.  

When buildings are demolished or redeveloped we save the best of the architectural features, be it anything from a grand stone entranceway to Victorian decorative terracotta bricks. These reclaimed antique architectural elements make great feature pieces for interior design, bar and shop fittings.  For example an old stone frieze may be incorporated into a bar design, large stone capitals make excellent table bases, an old Victorian verandah can make an interesting garden feature. 

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