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35334 Victorian pulpit from a Welsh chapel
QTY: Job Lot £1,950 Job Lot
35292 Large Victorian cast iron air vents
QTY: 10 £65 Each
35287 Parcel of antique Gothic oak tracery
QTY: Job Lot £195 Job Lot
35107 Antique Victorian ceiling rose
QTY: 1 £765
35105 Original Victorian bulls eye glass
QTY: 12 £45 Each
35098 Original Victorian cast iron ceiling rose
QTY: 1 £765
34986 Ornate composition stone vent bricks
QTY: 3 £40 Each
34978 Spider pattern composition stone vent bricks
QTY: 1 Remaining £35 Each
34912 Large Victorian cast iron ceiling rose
QTY: 1 £785
34786 Decorative 19th C cast iron fireback/ plaque
QTY: 1 £295
34778 Antique cast iron French fireback / plaque
QTY: 1 £255
34751 Reclaimed Indian folding doors in frame
QTY: SOLD £1,150 The Pair
34708 Victorian terracotta keystone
QTY: 1 £45
34629 Pair of salvaged composite stone balls
QTY: SOLD £85 The Pair
34615 A rare antique lead cistern
QTY: 1 £5,250
34611 Ancient sandstone Gana figures
QTY: 1 Pair £2,450 The Pair
34610 18thC limestone capital on sandstone pillar
QTY: 1 £1,250
34601 Antique weathered stone obelisk
QTY: SOLD £895
34547 19th Century cast iron plaque / fire plate
QTY: 1 £185
34438 Pair of rare antique barge boards
QTY: 1 Pair £495 The Pair
34431 Old Victorian hoppers / planters
QTY: In Stock £18 Each
34392 Weathered composite stone finials on plinths
QTY: 1 Pair £1,200 The Pair
34351 Antique pair of stone water spouts
QTY: 1 Pair £595 The Pair
34345 Run of salvaged tin decorative cornice
QTY: 15 Metres £595 Job Lot
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Architectural Elements

Over a hundred years ago, most buildings were designed individually and made by hand, from the individual bricks to the roof tiles. Craftsmen and architects of the time were artists and knew how to create buildings of elegant proportions, with traditions of architecture dating back to the classic civilisations of Rome and Greece.  Buildings followed certain classical rules of proportionality, as laid down by famous Roman architects such as Vitruvius, and were designed and decorated to show the skills of the builder and aspirations of the owners.  

When buildings are demolished or redeveloped we save the best of the architectural features, be it anything from a grand stone entranceway to Victorian decorative terracotta bricks. These reclaimed antique architectural elements make great feature pieces for interior design, bar and shop fittings.  For example an old stone frieze may be incorporated into a bar design, large stone capitals make excellent table bases, an old Victorian verandah can make an interesting garden feature. 

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