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33253 Large quantity antique oak joists / rafters
QTY: In Stock £18 From
33140 Salvaged tall chimney pot
QTY: 1 £60
33105 Traditional style galvanised shepherds hut
QTY: 1 £16,500
33021 Antique terracotta windows from Church tower
QTY: 8 £1,350 Each
32996 Early carved stone window / planter surround
QTY: 1 £925
32990 Rusty iron sculpture from Abbey House Gardens
QTY: SOLD £600
32926 Authentic 1920s GR mounted postbox
QTY: 1 £1,075
32925 Original George VI mounted postbox
QTY: 1 £1,175
32882 Heavy patinated cast iron ceiling roses
QTY: SOLD £965 Each
32880 Shabby chic old round metal window
QTY: SOLD £145
32876 Substantial set of decorative pine columns
QTY: 1 Set £3,950 The Set
32873 Impressive lead Neptune head plaque
QTY: 1 £450
32687 Original industrial cast iron joist hangers
QTY: 10 £30 Each
32624 Set of 18thC carved stair embellishments
QTY: 18 Sections £495 Job Lot
32620 Massive antique cast iron cauldron boilers
QTY: 3 £775 Each
32590 Original set of 19thC church windows
QTY: SOLD £800 Each
32588 Original cast iron church window
QTY: 1 £525
32583 Ornate footbridge made from reclaimed railing
QTY: 1 £3,400
32406 Antique selection of Indian wooden arches
QTY: 2 Pair Remaining £175 Per Pair
32395 Antique oak staircase newel finial
QTY: 1 £120
32392 Reclaimed rustic timber counter top
QTY: SOLD £200
32383 Reclaimed Rajasthani ornate roof beam
QTY: 2 £895 Each
32382 Ornate Moroccan arch door frame
QTY: 1 £1,450
32343 Ornate antique Shekhawati teak beam
QTY: 1 £3,500
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Architectural Elements

Over a hundred years ago, most buildings were designed individually and made by hand, from the individual bricks to the roof tiles. Craftsmen and architects of the time were artists and knew how to create buildings of elegant proportions, with traditions of architecture dating back to the classic civilisations of Rome and Greece.  Buildings followed certain classical rules of proportionality, as laid down by famous Roman architects such as Vitruvius, and were designed and decorated to show the skills of the builder and aspirations of the owners.  

When buildings are demolished or redeveloped we save the best of the architectural features, be it anything from a grand stone entranceway to Victorian decorative terracotta bricks. These reclaimed antique architectural elements make great feature pieces for interior design, bar and shop fittings.  For example an old stone frieze may be incorporated into a bar design, large stone capitals make excellent table bases, an old Victorian verandah can make an interesting garden feature. 

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