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34919 Reclaimed diamond stained glass windows
QTY: 4 £195 Each
34722 Victorian stained glass with bird panel
QTY: 1 £285
34166 Decorative old stained glass windows
QTY: 1 Pair £685 The Pair
34017 Large starburst stained glass window
QTY: 1 £395
33277 Reclaimed multicoloured foliate stained glass
QTY: SOLD £925
31817 Unusual armorial stained glass panel
QTY: SOLD £600
29906 Sunburst stained glass on metal stakes
QTY: 1 £350
29494 Stained glass tri-shaped panel
QTY: 1 £325
29493 Colourful tri-shaped stained glass panel
QTY: 1 £325
29457 Reclaimed stained glass panel for Derby
QTY: 1 £450
29452 Southampton stained glass panel
QTY: SOLD £450
29444 Newcastle leaded and stained glass panel
QTY: 1 £450
29443 Salvaged stained glass panel for Walsall
QTY: 1 £450
28076 Reclaimed stained glass arched panel
QTY: 1 £650
27482 Ave Maria stained glass panel / window hanger
QTY: 1 £450
27477 Circular blue stained leaded glass panel
QTY: 1 £275
27434 Mythical beast stained glass panel
QTY: SOLD £650
27431 Stained glass panel / hanger with rose detail
QTY: SOLD £300
27427 Reclaimed crown shaped stained glass panel
QTY: 1 £300
26729 Reclaimed Stained Glass Flower Arched Panel
QTY: SOLD £125
26128 Vintage Stained Bevelled Diamond Glass Panel
QTY: 1 £95
22228 Stained Glass Leaded Panels - Fruit & Birds
QTY: SOLD £240 From
21971 Art Nouveau Leaded Stained Glass Windows
QTY: 2 Remaining £300 Each
17525 Salvaged Colourful Arched Stained Glass Panel
QTY: 6 £50 From
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Here at English Salvage we always have a great range of stained glass available, from highly detailed pieces with a mixture of patterned and painted glass, to simpler Art Deco and more modern, bolder styled patterned glass.  Patterned stained glass differs from painted as it is the glass itself which is coloured, with such compounds as iron oxide, rather than being painted.  Another difference is lead tends to be used as part of the design, instead of solely being used to fix glass panes together in a uniform shape.

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