Reclaimed Radiators

Vintage cast iron radiators provide a decorative dimension to heating and for many a nostalgic reminder of school days. Old cast radiators supply more heat than is commonly thought as they emit radiant heat as well as convective heat which means that they heat objects in a room, not just the air. We carry a massive stock of the classic styles, from ideal four column radiators, princess and duchess radiators, so-called school radiators and a range of other unusual decorative styles.

We always have several hundred reclaimed radiators in stock. We generally supply ‘as is’ in the original paint with a replacement/refund guarantee, or we can strip and repaint and test according to customer requirements.   We also supply a full range of reproduction cast iron radiators that can be made to any size and colour.  English Salvage also stock a full range of traditional radiator accessories such as wall brackets, ornate feet and traditional style valve sets.

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