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35245 Reclaimed colourful school style coat hooks
QTY: In Stock £15 From
35102 Large wrought iron meat hooks
QTY: 20 £5 Each
34272 Quaint hook sets on original cookie moulds
QTY: SOLD £24 Each
34104 Single hooks set on circular carved wood base
QTY: 5 Remaining £15 Each
34003 Unusual set butchers hooks on reclaimed wood
QTY: 1 £245
33453 Blacksmith-made wrought iron hooks
QTY: To Order £9 From
32992 Decorative horse head hook
QTY: 11 £56 Each
31691 Bowler hat and coat 3 hook / hanger
QTY: 3 £60 Each
30642 Rustic carved wooden pattress & iron hooks
QTY: 2 Remaining £25 Each
30584 Single key hooks on wooden flower boards
QTY: To Order £15 Each
30284 Hooks made from reclaimed teak carvings
QTY: 11 Remaining £30 Each
30161 Small and large Acorn coat/double wall hooks
QTY: 35 £7.50 From
29435 Vintage Queen Victoria metal wall mount hooks
QTY: To Order £20 Each
29389 Hand carved painted teak key hook racks
QTY: In Stock £18 Each
28546 Distressed pink finish iron coat hooks
QTY: SOLD £4.50 Each
27998 Satin black hat and coat hooks
QTY: 1 £12 Each
27740 Hardwood painted key / jewellery hooks
QTY: 2 Remaining £19 Each
27737 Rustic large iron S hooks
QTY: To Order £15 Each
27598 Rustic hardwood painted flower hooks
QTY: To Order £20 Each
27191 Useful four-hook hardwood coat and hat rack
QTY: In Stock £60 Each
27185 Hardwood painted six-hook coat racks
QTY: 3 Remaining £70 Each
23667 Industrial Metal Double Sided Coat Hook Rails
QTY: 4 £200 Each
20102 Vintage Wooden Coat Hanger/Hook Boards
QTY: To Order £65 Each
15634 Number and Letter Hook Boards
QTY: In Stock £7.50 Each
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Predominantly we stock new, quality made brass and cast iron hooks ranging from the simple rustic peg hooks to the more ornate Art Nouveau brass double hooks.  Periodically we have antique, original hooks for sale although these are harder to get hold of nowadays.  We also stock the Anvil range of new cup and L hooks, as well as coat hooks, available in beeswax or a painted black finish.

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