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26716 Reclaimed Heavy Iron Butchers Hooks
QTY: SOLD £90 Each
26154 Industrial Distressed Metal Double Coat Hooks
QTY: 15 £7 Each
25780 Reclaimed Old Iron Butchers Hooks
QTY: 4 Remaining £90 From
25439 Pine Hat and Coat Rack / Hooks with Shelf
QTY: 1 Remaining £125 Each
25099 Reclaimed Large Brass Double Coat Hooks
QTY: 3 £22 Each
25065 Vintage Cast Iron Double Coat Hooks
QTY: 2 Remaining £12 Each
24139 Rustic Wall Mounted Wooden Coat / Hat Hook
QTY: 1 £95
23667 Industrial Metal Double Sided Coat Hook Rails
QTY: 6 £200 Each
20383 Reclaimed Selection of Vintage Coat Hooks
QTY: 2 £35 From
20102 Vintage Wooden Coat Hanger/Hook Boards
QTY: In Stock £65 Each
19716 Salvaged Iron Changing Room Coat Hook Rail
QTY: 1 £150
15634 Number and Letter Hook Boards
QTY: 1 £7.50 Each
12914 Brass Cabin Hooks
QTY: In Stock £4.87 From
12912 Lion Brass Hook - Ideal Curtain Tie Back Hook
QTY: To Order £6 Each
12910 Cast Iron Triple Hook
QTY: In Stock £9 Each
12909 Cast Iron Ornate Art Nouveau Hook
QTY: In Stock £9 Each
12908 Cast Iron Double Beehive Hook
QTY: In Stock £6.30 Each
12907 Cast Iron Diamond Hat & Coat Hook
QTY: To Order £6.30 Each
12906 Cast Iron Shepherds Crook Hat & Coat Hook
QTY: In Stock £6.30 Each
12905 Cast Iron Peg Hook
QTY: In Stock £3.90 Each
12904 Brass Double Hooks
QTY: In Stock £8.40 Each
12903 Cast Iron Art Nouveau Style Hook
QTY: In Stock £6.30 Each
12902 Architectural Hooks
QTY: In Stock £6.50 Each
12901 Beeswax 'L' Hook
QTY: In Stock £1.85 From
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Predominantly we stock new, quality made brass and cast iron hooks ranging from the simple rustic peg hooks to the more ornate Art Nouveau brass double hooks.  Periodically we have antique, original hooks for sale although these are harder to get hold of nowadays.  We also stock the Anvil range of new cup and L hooks, as well as coat hooks, available in beeswax or a painted black finish.

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