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25146 Salvaged Brass Octagonal Door Knob Pulls
QTY: 2 Remaining £25 From
25066 Octagonal Brass Door Knob Pulls
QTY: 1 Remaining £70 Each
25053 Brass Oval Door Knobs on Back Plates
QTY: 9 Pairs £50 Per Pair
25026 Vintage Wooden Door Knobs on Brass Backplates
QTY: SOLD £60 Per Pair
24815 Vintage Ceramic Push Plates & Door Knobs
QTY: SOLD £50 The Set
24351 Reclaimed Black Flower Door Knobs
QTY: 1 Pair Remaining £45 Per Pair
24350 Brass Oval Door Knobs
QTY: 2 Pairs £45 Per Pair
23598 Antique Beaded Oval Door Knobs
QTY: 9 Pair Remaining £75 Per Pair
22427 Reclaimed Antique Oval Metal Door Knobs
QTY: SOLD £45 Per Pair
21873 Victorian J C and S Wooden Doorknobs
QTY: 2 Pairs £65 Per Pair
21872 Vintage Reclaimed Cut Glass Door Knobs
QTY: 6 Pairs £80 Per Pair
21425 Reclaimed Old Cast Oblong Door Handles
QTY: 3 Pairs £80 Per Pair
21374 Decorative Brass and Chrome Door Knobs
QTY: 5 Pairs £65 Per Pair
20837 Reclaimed Ribbed Beehive Shaped Door Knobs
QTY: 3 Pairs £45 Each
20506 Reclaimed Selection of Old Door Knob Handles
QTY: 5 £30 From
20484 Salvaged Large Centre Door Knobs / Pulls
QTY: 2 £70 Each
18060 Octagonal Chrome Door Handles
QTY: 4 Pairs £50 Per Pair
18055 Old Ebony and Bakelite Door Knobs
QTY: Assorted £25 From
12806 Brass Oval Door Knobs
QTY: To Order £39 Per Pair
12804 Assorted Bakelite Knobs and Handles
QTY: Various £25 Per Pair
12802 Swirl Design Solid Brass Door Knobs
QTY: 7 Pairs £44.40 Per Pair
12798 Brass Sea Urchin Door Knobs
QTY: 2 Pairs £58.80 Per Pair
12796 Square Brass Backplate Door Knobs
QTY: To Order £54 Per Pair
12793 1950/1960's Door Knob Sets
QTY: SOLD £17 Per Set
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Door Knobs

From time to time we have sets of antique, original door knobs for sale, but these are quite rare.  We stock a range of quality reproduction door knobs in solid, unlacquered brass, chrome effect and black and bees waxed metal.

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