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30374 Reclaimed antique carved wood panels
QTY: 4 £45 From
30305 Early carved oak panelling sections
QTY: 1 Pair £600 The Pair
30242 Oak ball and foliate corner cut moulding
QTY: SOLD £300 Job Lot
30048 Gothic oak sections from church confessional
QTY: Job Lot £695 Job Lot
30025 Antique carved oak friezes
QTY: SOLD £185 Each
29895 Old Indian hand painted elephants
QTY: 5 £25 From
29648 Large ornately carved mirror or door frame
QTY: 1 £975
29470 Ornate Moroccan pine door frame
QTY: 1 £375
29422 Reclaimed solid wood finials / post tops
QTY: 4 Remaining £20 From
29337 Old carved hardwood arch from India
QTY: 1 £900
29327 Reclaimed carved hardwood pillar tops
QTY: SOLD £200 The Pair
29297 Carved hardwood frame / panel from India
QTY: 1 Remaining £875 Each
29293 Reclaimed wooden reels / stools / stands
QTY: 2 £195 Each
29213 Reclaimed painted black pelmet
QTY: 1 £95
29113 Selection of decorative hardwood panels
QTY: SOLD £25 From
29092 Pair of salvaged teak and stone pillars
QTY: SOLD £965 The Pair
29081 Early 19th century Indian teak balcony panel
QTY: SOLD £195
29068 Reclaimed ornate half pillar bases/carvings
QTY: 1 Remaining £120 Each
29023 Old carved pillars with stone bases
QTY: SOLD £980 The Pair
29016 Antique carved wooden pillar base
QTY: SOLD £160
29007 Large teak form decorative ball
28980 Job lot of four antique carved oak panels
QTY: SOLD £350 Job Lot
28979 Carved mahogany half pillar tops / corbels
QTY: 6 £87 Each
28977 Reclaimed oak panel with egg and dart border
QTY: 1 £95
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Carved Wood

The history of woodcarving in Britain dates back to around the 12th Century, where devotional work in carved wood can be found in British churches and cathedrals, on Misericords, Reredos and Choir Stalls, based on gothic traditions of architecture.

The latter half of the Middle ages and the Tudor period saw an explosion of woodcarving, not only in churches but also in domestic architecture. This was the golden age of wood carving in Britain and carved surfaces could be found from a simple chamfer on a ceiling beam in a merchants house to elaborate floral patterns, gothic tracery and figurative decoration found on rood screens, pews, pulpits and font covers throughout medieval churches in Britain. This tradition continued into the Renaissance period where Elizabethan and Jacobean styles continued to be popular in domestic architecture. Wood carving of the period can be found mostly on moveable furniture - chests, cupboards, beds and chairs, but also can be found on room panelling, mantlepieces and staircases. Even when the original houses or furniture no longer survive, many of the better carved panels were saved and were incorporated into new pieces of furniture or just hung as decorative panels.

The last of the great carving era of British architecture was the 17th and 18th century, where we can find the exquisite work of Grinling Gibbons and his peers. Carving of this period was very fine and heavily based on nature with grapes, ears of corn and other fine details incorporated into the carving. 

We love wood carving and buy and sell antique carved oak panels, carved spindles, sections of gothic tracery, medieval carved friezes and other sections of carved wood. 

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