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Interior Doors

We have over 2000 reclaimed internal doors in stock, probably the largest amount in the UK. The most common types are plank doors (mostly 1700 to 1900), Georgian 6 panel doors, Victorian four panel doors, then a huge variation of styles from the 20th Century, including the ubiquitous one over three panel door from the 1930s.  Inbetween these main styles there are a large number of different variants.  We source a good number of doors from France and other countries, and we just love the style and scale of the French doors in particular.  We have attempted to categorise doors according to style, it is also possible to see all doors by pressing the 'all doors' button.  Unique to English Salvage is the Door Search Facility, which you can use to search for a door of a particular size and style

We sell doors as we find them, painted or stripped.  We can arrange paint stripping for an additional fee.  Any defects that we notice, beyond normal wear and tear, are included in the description. You can use the mouse control to hover over photos to enlarge the detail.

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