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Glazed Doors

We  have over 700 reclaimed glazed doors in stock at any one time. These doors are highly sought after, with the current emphasis on maximising light within a house. There are many different styles of glazed door found in British architecture, so we have attempted to sub-divide the glazed door category according to style.  

Glazed doors really came to prominance in the 19th Century with a number of different styles emerging.  there are the doors of the early Victorian period that had one large pane of glass, with two solid panels below, in the better examples, the frame around the glass is quite narrow, which allows an enormous amount of light into the room.  This sort of style was almost exclusively for interior doors. Also popular for both external and internal doors in the Victorian period  was the style with two glazed panels over one or two solid panles, the glass was often leaded, stained or etched.  The late Victorian and Edardian period saw the rise in popularity of multiple glazed panels, and many doors in towns and cities have front doors with three or more panes of glass, quite often stained glass.  Finally, from the 1930s, circular and oval glazed openings are common, as well as multiple panes of square glass.  

We also always have a good supply of reclaimed french doors, often in pairs.  

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