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We are a regular supplier of movie props to many major films, with a vast range of stock, a comprehensive online catalogue and wide range of contacts that enable us to obtain props to order. We also supply items for many photo shoots, TV adverts, theatre productions, art installations. Items we supply range from items as small as door knobs and lighting to lorry loads of reclaimed timber.

To Rent or Buy...
We have a flexible policy on provision of props, from outright sale for smaller items to rental for larger items, this is generally based on a percentage of the value of the item, usually around 40%.  Most of the props we supply are within the UK, but we have also shipped items overseas. We are able to deliver most items and make regular drops to Pinewood and Shepperton Studios.  We are more than happy to source hard to find props.

We hope you enjoy browsing the site to see all the great items on offer or use our search facility - it's an excellent tool for finding the item you need.

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