Flooring and Cladding

English Salvage are one of the foremost suppliers of reclaimed flooring in the UK.  Many Design Companies throughout Britain use us to supply reclaimed wood for shop fits and bar and restaurants projects, for use as flooring, bar and counter construction and wall cladding.  We have also supplied large quantities of reclaimed wood for film set construction, but we are equally happy to supply small quantities for domestic applications.  Although reclaimed wood makes up the bulk of our flooring sales we also sell other types of reclaimed flooring; stone, terracotta, marble and antique cement tiles.

We can supply most wood requirements, be it Victorian pine floorboards; strip flooring in beech, maple and other hardwoods, antique oak floors, distressed boards for cladding. We also have ancient elm, oak and chestnut floorboards usually over 200 years old.  English Salvage has one of the largest stocks of reclaimed parquet flooring in the country.  We continue to find new sources of reclaimed flooring from around the world. We can supply original antique French oak boards in almost limitless supply. We have sourced lovely old marble and stone floors from around the World. Another of our specialities is the supply of reclaimed encaustic cement tiles dating from circa 1900, we arguably have the largest stock of antique cement tiles in the UK .  You can also find Victorian, encaustic and geometric tiles advertised on our website and not forgetting original red and black quarry tiles, stone and slate flagstones and Victorian paviours. 

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