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25443 Reclaimed Carved Ornate Hardwood Bracket
24855 Reclaimed Ornately Carved Hardwood Brackets
QTY: SOLD £150 The Pair
24608 Antique Carved Sandstone Corbel
QTY: 1 £325
24577 Reclaimed Ornately Carved Oak Arch / Surmount
QTY: 1 Set £450 The Set
24483 Salvaged Acanthus Leaf Terracotta Corbels
QTY: 2 Pairs £170 The Pair
24125 Indian Blue Painted Wooden Brackets
QTY: SOLD £120 The Pair
24121 Salvaged Cast Iron Barley Twist Brackets
QTY: 1 Remaining £45 Each
24005 Chunky Wooden Porch Brackets
QTY: 1 Pair £325 The Pair
23284 Simple Carved Oak Corbels
QTY: 2 Pair Remaining £40 From
21978 Painted White Wooden Corbels / Brackets
QTY: 1 Pair £90 The Pair
21783 Reclaimed Cast Iron Conservatory Brackets
QTY: 18 £200 Each
21001 Decorative Carved Sandstone Brackets/Corbels
QTY: 11 £200 Each
20428 Salvaged Pairs of Metal Support Brackets
QTY: 1 Pair Remaining £35 Per Pair
20423 Reclaimed Pair of Wrought Red Scroll Brackets
QTY: 1 Pair £85 The Pair
19889 Salvaged Carved Stone Decorative Corbel
QTY: 1 £375
19326 Selection of Carved Shaped Wooden Corbels
QTY: 19 Pairs £60 Per Pair
18597 Industrial 19th Century Cast Iron Brackets
QTY: 3 £475 Each
15421 New Medium and Large Cast Iron Brackets
QTY: Out of Stock £28.80 Per Pair
13768 Pine Canopy / Porch Supports / Brackets
QTY: 1 Pair £300 The Pair
13728 Cast Iron Roof Bracket
QTY: 1 £195
13704 Large Conservatory Brackets
QTY: 2 £25 Each
13592 New Handmade Pine Corbels
QTY: In Stock £15 From
11003 Medieval Stone Head
QTY: 1 £480
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Brackets and Corbels

Brackets and corbels perform a function - they hold something up; anything from a shelf to a roof structure, usually tying the horizontal or diagonal to the vertical. Since classical times, corbels and brackets have also had a decorative function.  Look in a typical Norman church in Britain and you will invariably see a myriad of carved stone corbels supporting roof beams, or either side of doorways.  All manner of decoration can be found on these corbels, from stylised flower patterns to carved heads and grotesques. 

The Victorians were particular proponents of the decorative bracket. When ironmaking was at its height in the 19th Century, huge numbers of decorative cast iron brackets were produced, ranging from small cherub brackets for holding a loo cistern, to massive ornate brackets for holding up bridges or station platforms. 

We sell a fantastic range of reclaimed and antique corbels and brackets. We often have medieval stone heads, saved from demolished churches or grand homes; simple 18th and 19th Century carved stone or timber corbels for holding ceiling beams; reclaimed large cast iron brackets from railway stations or other large public buildings; carved wooden porch brackets and a good range of old and reproduction decorative shelf brackets in cast iron, brass and wood.

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