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Persian Style Hand Carved Inlay Top Tables

Persian Style Hand Carved Inlay Top Tables

Ref: 24674
Qty: 120

Reclaimed hand carved Persian style tables, approximately 120 in total, including rectangular, square and circular dining tables and low level circular coffee tables.  Reclaimed from the Gilgamesh restaurant in Camden, London.  The designs were based on the Assyrian sculptures and Mesopotamian works of art at the British museum.  Photos of the restaurant as it was can be viewed here.  All these tables have tops with fabulous inlay flower detailing.  Also available are x17 hand carved stone table bases, each depicting a Lamassu, which during the Persian era were human headed winged bulls thought to protect the King.  These tables were salvaged along with seating, a bar, wall panelling, screens, decorations and ceiling panels.

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Persian Style Hand Carved Inlay Top Tables

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