Metal Framed Stained Glass Panel Windows

Metal Framed Stained Glass Panel Windows

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Reclaimed multi-panel stained glass windows. The decorative leaded glass to the lower half depicts a colourful bouquet of flowers and some panels are mottled / textured.

Six of the windows available have wooden sash frames intact. The price listed on the main page is per window, the better condition windows cost up to £700.

Only one window is shown but the following sizes and conditions are available:

1 - 99.8cm(w) x 143.9cm(h) x 4.3cm(d) - £700
Some minor damage and soft wood to LH of frame

2 - 87.4cm(w) x 129.4cm(h) x 3.8cm(d) - £550
Missing metal base to one lower panel. 2 cracked panes

3 - 99.7cm(w) x 143.7cm(h) x 4.3cm(d) - £675
Small break to lower corner pane

4 - 100cm(w) x 143.6cm() x 4.5cm(d) - £675
Small split to one pane

5 - 100cm(w) x 143.8cm(h) x 4.3cm(d) - £675
Split to one bottom panel

6 - 87.5cm(w) x 129.3cm(h) x 3.9cm(d) - £650
Top pane of glass missing, splits to one other panel

7 - 87.3cm(w) x 129.5cm(h) x 4cm(d) - £600
9 split panes

8 - 99.6cm(w) x 143.7cm(h) x 4.3cm(d) - £700
All panels intact

9 - 87.4cm(w) x 129.1cm(h) x 4cm(d) - £600
7 cracked panes

10 - 87.4cm(w) x 129.4cm(h) x 3.8cm(d) - £675
1 cracked pane

11 - 100cm(w) x 143.7cm(h) x 4.2cm(d) - £700
Good condition

All are in need of a good clean!

We cannot insure glass in transit - please refer to our Delivery page

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approx $633 / €584
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Metal Framed Stained Glass Panel Windows

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