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Black Oxide Rosehead Nails

Black Oxide Rosehead Nails

Ref: 12969 (HN1 28334/335/336/337/338)
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Handmade black oxide finished rosehead nails from the Anvil range.  They can be used on plank doors to fixing ironmongery where the ends are traditionally clenched over. They can also be used for any decorative nailing.  Externally may be prone to grey staining and bleeding, especially in oak. 

(28334) Head size 9x7 x 25mm (approx 475 per kg)
(28335) Head size 12x9 x 67mm (approx 105 per kg)
(28336) Head size 11x8 x 54mm (approx 158 per kg)
(28337) Head size 10x8 x 40mm (approx 320 per kg)
(28338) Head size 12x9 x 82mm (approx 84 per kg)

New From the Anvil range.

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Black Oxide Rosehead Nails

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