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Set of three huge antique Indian pillars

Set of three huge antique Indian pillars

Ref: 27677 (A0632)
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Set of three impressive antique wooden pillars from Chettiard in Tamil Nadu, South India.  They are made of poduk, a type of South Indian hardwood.  Simple, sturdy (and very heavy), they come in three sections: a round base, the tapered column and a two piece crossed wood top section for supporting a floor or balcony of some kind.  They appear to be in sound condition with some chips and cracks to the wood.  Two are identical in size, measuring 220cm high when assembled, and the third measures 184cm high.  The cross sections measure 71cm wide x 23cm high x 10.5cm deep and the round bases measure 40cm in diameter and 11.5 cm high.   These would make a striking statement in any setting.

71cm (w) x 220cm (h) x 71cm (d)
28" (w) x 86⅝" (h) x 28" (d)

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Set of three huge antique Indian pillars

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