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18th Century French Stone Fire Surrounds

18th Century French Stone Fire Surrounds

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A pair of antique 18th Century stone fire surrounds salvaged from Nancy, in North East France.  The matching surrounds have the same flower motifs and reeded leg designs, one surround is slightly taller, but it could be cut down to match. 

The taller surround is 153.3cm wide x 119cm high x 26.4cm deep overall, internal measurements are 120.7cm wide x 98cm high, the right hand leg has a pinky hue to the stone.  The shorter surround is 149.7cm wide x 108.8cm high x 26cm deep, internal 119.5cm wide x 87.5cm high.      

Both surrounds have chips and a few scratches to the mantels, the most notable is a missing corner (shown in the photographs) though we have the missing piece.

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18th Century French Stone Fire Surrounds

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