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17th C Flemish Romaine Ornate Oak Panelling

17th C Flemish Romaine Ornate Oak Panelling

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Reclaimed 18-19th Century oak panelling with beautiful 17th Century Flemish romaine ornate carvings featuring figures, heads, shields, flowers and leaves.  Approximate width of each of the 13 full height (185.5cm high) panels are as follows: 138cm, 106cm, 150.5cm, 186cm, 184.5cm, 73cm, 106cm, 91.5cm, 159cm, 64cm, 67.5cm, 80cm and 48cm.  There are two further ornately carved panels which aren't full height, sizes of these are 117cm wide x 110cm high and 182cm wide x 93cm high and a pillar which is 19cm wide x 185.5cm high.  The main body of the panels are roughly 3cm deep, including carvings the overall depth is 15cm max.  Splits, nail holes and a few dings to all.

1294cm (w) x 185.5cm (h) x 3cm (d)
509½" (w) x 73⅛" (h) x 1⅛" (d)

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approx $28447 / €27278
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17th C Flemish Romaine Ornate Oak Panelling

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