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Wickhams London Store Ornate Lift Metalwork

Wickhams London Store Ornate Lift Metalwork

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The Wickhams department store, completed in 1927, was designed to be the Harrods of the East End of London.  As the grand department store was being built, it was presumed the Wickham family would finally buy out the Spiegelhalter jewellery company, whose modest premises was located in the middle of the department store’s street frontage.  However, having already moved once to accommodate the Wickham's earlier expansion, the family run jewellers would not sell this time, leaving the completed building looking rather… unique!  The imposing classical style of the store included these highly detailed, ornate lift doors, frames and balustrades.  Some sections have been cut into smaller pieces when removed from the store.  Details of each piece, including approximate dimensions in cm, is below:

No. Width Height Information
A 199 128.5

The pitch is roughly 30º, height to top rail is 96.2cm, left hand curved end projection is 8cm wide x 13cm deep.  End bars are 1.8cm square.

B 262.5 as A as A
C 195 as A as A
D 200 as A as A except the curved projection is on the lower right hand side.
E 137 423.9 Concertina door is 106.6cm wide and the frame has been cut into two sections (just above the door).  Height stated excludes 5cm high lugs at the top.
F as E 365.3 as E
G as E 333.4 as E
H 246 369.6 The door is the same size as the others.  The panels either side of the door are each 70cm wide x 208.3cm high (excluding the 87.8cm high lugs)
I 66 121.8 Max height stated.  Approx overall depth of the curve is 32cm.  Metalwork 3.1cm deep.
J as I as I as I
K 42 153.8 The height to the top rail is 102.7cm.
L as K as K as K
M 40 121  
N 186.5 205.2 Width excludes the 2.5cm lugs and the small curved section attached to the 36.3cm high lug at the top right hand corner.


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Wickhams London Store Ornate Lift Metalwork

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