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33312 Salvaged Victorian floral patterned tiles
QTY: 20 £18 Each
33026 Antique set of retro floral tiles
QTY: 6 Tiles £70 The Set
33025 Antique set of embossed patterned tiles
QTY: SOLD £85 The Set
32968 Selection of Godwin style green glazed tiles
QTY: 26 Tiles £145 The Set
32883 Old set of decorative black and white tiles
QTY: 7 Tiles £145 The Set
32329 Rare Wedgwood Ivanhoe pictorial tiles
QTY: 2 £175 Each
32302 Handmade set of floral tiles
QTY: 10 Tiles £175 The Set
32288 Handmade floral tile set
QTY: 10 Tiles £175 The Set
32131 Edwardian set of small glazed wall tiles
QTY: SOLD £75 Job Lot
32130 Sample set of small Daniel Platt tiles
QTY: 13 Tiles £15 Job Lot
32129 Attractive Victorian embossed wall tiles
QTY: 50 Remaining £20 Each
32128 Old set of small Spanish ceramic tiles
QTY: SOLD £75 Job Lot
32127 Rustic set of small floral wall tiles
QTY: SOLD £75 Job Lot
32126 Antique set of glazed patterned tiles
QTY: 18 Tiles £75 Job Lot
32045 Antique set of framed cherub tiles
QTY: 1 Set £420 The Set
32001 Reclaimed Victorian floral tiles
QTY: 11 Tiles £75 Job Lot
31970 Decorative composition stone floral plaques
QTY: 8 £18 Each
31315 Antique Dutch Delft animals in circle tiles
QTY: SOLD £2,250 Job Lot
31207 c1880 Idylls of the King John Moyer tiles
QTY: Job Lot £650 Job Lot
31132 Salvaged Victorian tiles with floral detail
QTY: SOLD £20 Each
31090 Salvaged antique Delft tiles from C18th
QTY: 12 Remaining £75 From
28871 Marble effect gloss large new cream tiles
QTY: 15 Tiles £65 Job Lot
28830 Black gloss 4 inch wall ceramic tiles
QTY: 81 £2.50 Each
28479 Black and white patterned inlaid tiles
QTY: 2 Remaining £90 Each
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What makes antique decorative tiles so fascinating is the vast range of techniques and designs employed, from simple art deco motifs to the masterpieces of the Arts and Crafts movement, by makers such as William de Morgan.  Nearly all the antique tiles on the market would have been produced between 1850 and 1940. Although tiles were made as far back as Ancient Egyptian times, older tiles are extremely rare.  The history of tiles follows a series of innovations, starting with painted or two tone encaustic tiles of the medieval period, through tin-glazed blue and white delft tiles of the 17th and 19th century.

Tile production really took off in the Victorian period as methods of mass production were developed, starting with the invention of dust pressing by Herbert Minton, producing the moulded majolica tiles, then transfer printing which permitted quicker decoration and then tube-lining process of the early 20th Century.  We keep a large stock of all types of tiles, from encaustic tiles by Godwin (a local Herefordshire manufacturer), Minton, Maw and Co and Craven Dunhill; geometric tiles typical of Victorian hallways, original delft tiles and a large selection of patterned, tube lined, transfer printed, majolica  and hand painted tiles from all the major producers.  We have categorised the tiles more by style than manufacturing process.

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