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Stained Glass From St Pauls Church Battersea

Stained Glass From St Pauls Church Battersea

Ref: 25485 (W26)

Stunning sets of reclaimed leaded stained glass windows from St Pauls Church, Battersea.  By Wilhelmina Geddes 1887-1955, a renowned Irish stained glass artist.  Dating from the mid 20th century, these were installed after the church was hit by a flying bomb during World War II.  Each set consists of five pieces - four square panes each 56-57cm wide x 60-61cm high x 3-5mm thick and one shaped top piece measuring 56cm wide x 72cm high.  Top piece in the central set (B in photo) is 10cm higher, making a total height of 324cm.  Vibrant colours and intricate detail.  There are some small cracks here and there but no missing pieces or large breaks.  For safer keeping and transportation, each individual set will be stored in its own purpose built box/crate.

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57cm (w) x 314cm (h) x 0.4cm (d)
22½" (w) x 123⅝" (h) x ⅛" (d)

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approx $2338 / €1955
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Stained Glass From St Pauls Church Battersea

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