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Reclaimed Galvanised Metal 60cm Square Tiles

Reclaimed Galvanised Metal 60cm Square Tiles

Ref: 26353
Qty: 1200

Galvanised square tiles which could be repurposed as cladding or floor tiles (customers should seek advice from their fitters that these are suitable for purpose, we can't give any technical advice as to their suitability).  Each tile has a bevelled edge and is roughly 59.9-60cm square on the face side and roughly 59.4cm square to the reverse.  Approximately 2.78 tiles make up one square meter.         

59.9cm (l) x 59.9cm (w) x 3cm (d)
23⅝" (l) x 23⅝" (w) x 1⅛" (d)

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Reclaimed Galvanised Metal 60cm Square Tiles

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