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Pair of antique Indian balcony doors

Pair of antique Indian balcony doors

Ref: 28601 (B0169)
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Two matching pairs of teak balcony windows/shutters/doors.  The balcony fronts could be removed by the purchaser as they attach to the front of the frame, although there will presumably some marks/holes where these detach. Nice carved detail to the centre and bottom panels, with a faux louvre effect at the top. Doors plain to the rear. The door on the left has overall measurements of 95cm wide x 213cm high (including protruding lugs), without lugs the height is 188cm. The door size is 80cm wide x 181cm high.  The balcony protrudes 35cm in front of doors..  The door size is the same on the second set, but the frame is slightly higher at 194cm excluding lugs.  There are brass rods in the balcony fronts. The door on the right has porcelain knobs in centre of the doors.

95cm (w) x 188cm (h) x 45cm (d)
37⅜" (w) x 74⅛" (h) x 17¾" (d)

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approx $1347 / €1135
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Pair of antique Indian balcony doors

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