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Ornate Wrought Iron Double Gates

Ornate Wrought Iron Double Gates

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Well made garden/pedestrian gates in traditional solid wrought iron, no hollow section utilised which you find on cheaper gates.  The gates themselves hinge on the integral side railings.  The side railings can be rigidly mounted or can also be hinged on a separate post (not provided) or wall.  Overall width is 140cm and total height in the middle is 225cm.  The gates themselves are 106cm, each side railing is roughly 17cm wide.  We have a similar pair of gates with a black finish available here, and a larger pair of gates with a similar finish available here.

140cm (w) x 225cm (h)
55⅛" (w) x 88⅝" (h)

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Ornate Wrought Iron Double Gates

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