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Original Bowtop Romani Vardo Caravan

Original Bowtop Romani Vardo Caravan

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Original bowtop Romani vardo / gypsy caravan painted green with wooden yellow wheels, ladder and lion head brass detailing.  Overall size below excludes the ladder.  Internally there are two single beds, one with a mattress, and two seating benches, all with storage beneath.  The wheels have cast iron edges and brass caps engraved with Hill & Boll, Kingston Park Road, Yeovil.  The canvas roof has a few damp spots and there are a couple of splits to the back of the wagon above the wheel. 

190cm (w) x 300cm (h) x 267.3cm (d)
74¾" (w) x 118⅛" (h) x 105¼" (d)

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approx $8312 / €7140
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Original Bowtop Romani Vardo Caravan

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