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Hoop Topped Gates and Galvanised Railing

Hoop Topped Gates and Galvanised Railing

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Two 1.6 metre lengths hoop top galvanised railings and a pair of similar blue painted double gates with ground drop bolts. Height of rail (without hoop) measures 77.5cm.  Gates measure 251.6cm wide x 93cm high (77cm to top of rail).  Railing is £95 per 1.6 metre piece.  ONLY GATES REMAIN.

The railing has been galvanised and is in good order.

269cm (l) x 93cm (h)
105⅞" (l) x 36⅝" (h)

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The Pair
approx $404 / €332
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Hoop Topped Gates and Galvanised Railing

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