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French Dado Oak Panelling & Overmantel

French Dado Oak Panelling & Overmantel

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Antique oak panelling and overmantel reclaimed from a house in central Lille, France.  The panelling has an attractive plaster moulding strip, the over mantel has a swans neck shape and was originally with a marble fireplace, available separately here.  There are x5 sections of panelling (totalling roughly 9m) each 113cm high x 2.2cm deep, in the following widths: 182.5cm, 178cm, 150cm, 213cm & 177cm.  Two sections with square and rectangular raised panels, which were originally set under windows, each is 154cm wide x 80.3cm high x 2.2cm deep.  The overmantel is 260cm high x 145cm wide x 25cm deep overall.  This for sale as a job lot for £11,000 including a large oak door, available here.  Some splits, nails and dings to all. 

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was £11,000
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approx $11101 / €10007
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French Dado Oak Panelling & Overmantel

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