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Antique cast iron fireback, dogs and basket

Antique cast iron fireback, dogs and basket

Ref: 27647 (A0419)
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Antique cast iron fire basket, back and dogs, possibly French.  The fireback is marked 1662, and although this has not been verified, it does indeed look very old.  The back has a majestic look about it with a crown, lion, garlands and pinecone style finials on its shoulders.  The sturdy firebasket is made with very thick wrought iron straps scrolled at the ends.  This is an honest, rugged fireplace, with rust throughout and is very heavy.   The items can be bought as set or individually: Basket Sold

Fire back is 87.5cm high by 65cm wide.

Item Price [£]
Basket 200
Firedogs [the pair] 400
Fireback 500
The set 950


84cm (w) x 88cm (h) x 69cm (d)
33⅛" (w) x 34⅝" (h) x 27⅛" (d)

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The Set
approx $1159 / €1126
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Antique cast iron fireback, dogs and basket

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