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 Antique Carved Wood Interior Room Panel Set

Antique Carved Wood Interior Room Panel Set

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This exquisite hard wood Portuguese Baroque period room interior panelling, fire surrounds, over mantle, pediment, cane stand, arched double door with pilasters and mouldings was originally made as panelling for a room, thought to be in a merchant guild house in Porto, Portugal.  Most of the panelling / boiserie is 18th Century, some from the 17th Century and a small amount made in the 19th Century, though some nails present possibly date prior to the 1800s, so parts could be even older.  The wood used is Vinhatico, commonly found in South America, which is rot resistant and widely used as a structural timber. 

Please click the following links for more information on each part of this unique set: 1 - Fire surround & over mantle, 2 - Half dome double doors, 3 - Second fire surround, 4 - Pediment, bosierie & cane stand, 5 - Panelling & decorative elements.

As with all old wood, there is some splitting, breaks and nails / nail holes present, please see each section listing for more details.

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Antique Carved Wood Interior Room Panel Set

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