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01568 616205
01568 616205
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22121 Regency Sash Stained Glass Fixed Window
QTY: 1 £250
22120 Regency Sash Stained Glass Openable Window
QTY: 1 £250
22066 Large Triple Leaded Glass Window
QTY: 1 £340
21882 Pair Oak Frame Glazed Panel Door / Window
QTY: SOLD £500 The Pair
2 reserved until 10/09/2017
21734 Salvaged Tall Arched Gothic Windows
QTY: 5 Remaining £550 From
21520 Large Painted Glass Panel Wood Framed Window
QTY: 1 £1,750
21403 Reclaimed Oak Wood Framed Lattice Window
QTY: 1 £275
21317 Reclaimed Fish and Bird Painted Wooden Window
QTY: 1 £795
21316 Reclaimed Unusual Painted Leaded Glass Window
QTY: 1 £395
21315 Decorative Stained Glass Panel Windows
QTY: 2 £900 Each
21311 Metal Framed Stained Glass Panel Windows
QTY: 11 £500 From
20979 Salvaged Cast Lattice Windows in Oak Frames
QTY: 3 £275 Each
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Wooden Windows

Wooden windows can be made from many different woods, with pine and oak being the most widely reclaimed. They come in all different shapes, from fanlights to round port-hole styles, Gothic arches and the ubiquitous rectangle. Before the 16th century windows were either constructed from timber frames or stone mullions and had unglazed openings. The gaps were closed either with wooden shutters; oiled cloth; paper or even sheets of horn. Glazed windows were used only for the highest status buildings. From Tudor times, prosperity was reflected in window size. Much larger windows were subdivided into smaller openings (lights). Both stone and timber had vertical bars (mullions) and horizontal bars (transoms). From the 17th Century windows became taller than they were wide and were increasingly constructed from timber and known as casement windows. Sash windows also began to appear and by the latter part of the 17th century they had evolved into the double hung sliding sash windows with hidden counterbalanced weights that we still use today.

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